Author(s): Rudolph Young
Date: August 27, 2018
Location: North Carolina
Entry Fee: $25

Hannibal Smith "Dukandarra In The Looking Glass" by Rudolph Young

Woe! To the Land beyond the River of Ethiopia (ISIAH 18)

In 1868, a snarled old man stood in front of a mirror in little Egypt Catawba Springs Township, North Carolina, but didn't recognize the image reflected back at him, but he understood how and why Igbos were acting as they were acting in America and Dukandarra. After all he was one of them. An Igbo army was threatening Dukandarra and the peace and tranquility of his land in 1335; a year and number, spoken of by the Prophet Daniel; the Mossy committed a great atrocity agains the people of Timbuktu.

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